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Exercise releases endorphins that interact with opioid receptors in the brain and increase pleasure - an all-natural high for people in addiction recovery.


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    What study shows that people’s depression has decreased by 36%? Like, has the symptoms decreased? I don’t get how people can measure that.

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    Ya, the worst 2 years of your life. 2 more years of poorest quality of life. I don't mind forgetting a lot of stuff. Depression creates introspection and personal growth. I'll just eat less. I have a strick policy of only running if I am being chased... by something bigger. 😉

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    I find this rather funny, when we can't give ourselves birth or life. Our lives and the length of them is not in our hands, but The One Who gives life and breathe to all. This is an absolutely incredible affront to my Lord Who holds all in His power.

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    I love walking good to be out there in the fresh air

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    I love walking did a walk nice to be out doors

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