Haha omg that's funny picturing it, but I'm so glad he didn't turn to alcohol or drugs in the movie. I'm guessing probably because he was always much more childlike then an adult and probably didn't have much interest in that sort of stuff. Not to say he was a complete child or anything but his maturity was definitely a lot lower then one of a normal adult and maybe drugs just wasn't even something he'd think to turn too, never mind already taking 8 different medications. But back to Arthur's behavior, Joaquin said in an interview that Arthur definitely had arrested emotional development which is when physically you're growing but your maturity is off and sort of frozen. This was stemming from all the abuse he endured.


jokers-pink-cigarette: “Ok so…Imagine if Arthur was an alcoholic on top being insane falling down the stairs and shit…” Haha omg that’s funny picturing it, but I’m so glad he didn’t turn to alcohol or...


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